Homemade Treatment for Acne Scar Free Tips

Homemade Treatment for Acne Scar Free Tips

Homemade Treatment for Acne Scar Free Tips.Skin is the largset organ of our body.It protects the inner organ from outer affects.So skin should be cared very well.There are four types of skin.Normal skin,Dry skin,Oily skin and Combinaton skin.These all needs to care properly.

Homemade Treatment for Acne Scar

Homemade Treatment for Acne Scar 

Acne is not a serious problem.It needs to be cured and cared properly.So you can get fresh good looking face.Many youngers are affected by acne.Acne scars are formed due to pimples whhich are not cared for.It damages the outer layre of skin.

   There are home remedies for this problem.But before to treatment of this.you must do these things.

  1. Your skin should remain oil free

2.Free from dirt, bacteria by proper cleansing. It can be done by washing with suitable face wash.

Homemade Treatment for Acne Scar


a.Garlic and mint juice both are anti bacterial if drink regularly once a day.
b.Application of orange peel at effected place to fight against skin bacteria.
c.raw papaya with organic oils such as jojoba oil, tree tea oil, lavender oil, coconut oil, when applied by forming solutions of d.both and apply at effected area with proper diet plenty of water.
e.By drinking green tea 3 -4 times a day.
f.Lemon juice is the best anti oxidant.
g.Rub the effected area with clove of garlic number of times in a day is acne scar solutions.
h.Apply tomato pulp and leave for an hour, dry and then wash the face.
i.Baking soda is a great exfoliating agent when mixed with normal water to form a paste and rub against the skin.
j.Apple cider vinegar facilitates to kill acne creating bacteria. Rub egg white to reduce the face oil. And scar cure easily.
k.Oatmeal is also useful for it by cooking in water and applies till dry after cooling.
l.Cucumber juice is very effective if scars have inflammation.
m.Aloe Vera is also effective in soothing the skin acne scars.
n.Honey is the best antioxidant.
o.Sandalwood is the best in treatment, if it is mixed with rose water and applied at scars.
p.Sandalwood powders mixed with black grains (dal masoor) and make paste, apply the paste and dry it.
q.Ice cubes to tight the skin pores after hot exposure.
r.Use of vitamins especially, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, E are important.

Homemade Treatment for Acne Scar

Homemade Treatment for Acne Scar


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